Breath Assure to fight Bad Breath, Halitosis – New Mint Assure

Bad Breath a well know  mouth odor which is medically known as halitosis It occurs due to bad dental health habits .It also raise the sign of other health problems too. Bad breath gets worse after having some particular foods.Basically, after having food when it get digested and absorbed into the bloods, they are then carried to different parts of body organ and to ones lungs too. Thus help in breath formation .If one eats foods with strong odors while not go on flossing or brushing it will go after food completely passed through body. In order to get rid of bad breath the product called Breath assures was manufactured which now currently replaces with mint assure. Breath Assures which is currently commonly known as Mint Assure.This Breath Assure Breath Mint was manufactured by Warner-Lambert Company. It a Dentyne gum and also can be called as antiseptic Listerine mouthwash. It provides the users a clear and fresh breath. It clears bad breath of spicy foods,onions,garlic,coffee, Pizza and more.

Difference between Breath Assure and Mint Assure:

Mint assures comes with coating of mint which provides fresh breath from mouth as well as stomach just after swallowing it. It’s a natural diet supplement for fresh breath from the inside to out.

Mint Assure is a fresh breath capsules made of naturally freshen breath ingredient to get fresh breath from the inside to out. In order to have long-lasting fresh breath one need to try this mint-coated containing parsley and sunflower seed oil capsules. The mints present provide an instant freshness; while in other hand the parsley seed and sunflower seed oil inside helps your fresh breath to stay long.

Mint Assure or Breath Assure Contents:

It is a mint coated capsule containing parsley and sunflower seed oil. It’s a sugar-free capsule. And also contain some other Ingredients in small ratio such as kosher gelatin, glycerin, natural peppermint flavor, purified water and acacia gum. Its powerful mint coating provides fresh breath which is clinically proven. It doesn’t contain any artificial flavors colors or preservatives and doesn’t contain sodium or any dangerous chemical in it which can cause stomach irritation or allergic in body.

Breath Assure Advantages:

Mint Assure itself is an advantages product to provide Fresh Breath immediately.

It’s a long-term fresh breath product which can be obtained after immediate consumption of the capsules.

Even if it provides relief from spicy foods and strong smells of onions, garlic and peppers.

It works internally as well as externally for 6 to 7 hours after consuming once unlike other products.

As it’s a sugar-free capsule so there is no tension of weight gain.

How to use Breath Assure or  Mint Assure:

One need to take 2 or 3 Mint Assure capsules.

It’s not needed to be chewed it should be swallow with water or other fluid drinks.

Sometime its can be consumed after consulting any health professional before using in pregnancy or lactating taking condition.

What happened to Breath Assure?

In order to understand we need to know the history of Breath Assure. It gets its objection order from a federal court to stop its manufacturing and use in dated November 19, 1998. Due to its false claim regarding that it really works against Bad Breath from inside. The product made a massive advertisement in Radio,magazine ads and television which was proven to be wrong. The product claimed made on product labels that one can get rid of bad breath for hours and get fresh breaths after consuming onions or garlic or other food substance containing these also. After an investigation made after 1994 by the Council of Better Business Bureau’s National Advertising Division on the claims was concluded that the claim was unsubstantiated. The active ingredients present in Breath Assure capsules when consumed with water have no effective to fight bad breath alone.

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